We have a long history in flexographic printing. We constantly support the printer with our technology and our experience to achieve the best quality in their final product.

At Bolognino S.A. we use the renowned Flexcel NX technology for the production of digital and conventional DITR photopolymers. This means the application of advanced NX screens, which significantly improve ink transfer.

We believe that commitment to delivery dates and quality are essential for our customers.


Squarespot Technology

This technology allows printers to achieve a high level of stability, accuracy and reliability in their printed output.

Digicap Advance NX Technology

It offers five screening patterns, which improve ink distribution according to the Anilox load.

Minimum Spots

They allow maximum smoothness in gradients, especially in low spots.

Advanced Edge Definition technology

It results in high definition on the edges of texts and vignettes.

Pure Flexo Printing

It offers unprecedented control over non-desirable ink dispersion.

Contrast and tonal range

It improves contrast in images, decreasing gain in shadows and thus achieving strong and vivid colors.

Maxtone SX, CX, Staccato Screens

They help approaching different situations (stochastic or conventional).

Hyperflex NX

It allows support points for greater polymer durability at low points.